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2013 - New Office at 58A High St., Westerly, RI

Whether you are new to Astrology, more seasoned and perhaps seeking a fresh perspective on your natal chart, desiring new insight into your relationships, wanting to explore your natal/progressed Lunar Phase, Solar Return or seeking guidance navigating such key life passages as mid-life transits, many find my spiritually based readings can make a difference in their life.
By utilizing a variety of astrological techniques based on your individual needs and concerns as well as incorporating my personal knowledge and experience of Herbology and the Ancient Women's Ways of my Native American and Celtic Heritage, I am able to offer in depth consultations in person, by phone, mail or e-mail. For more information and to arrange your reading call 860.389.0540 or 401.315.2450.  Blessings, Debi Fox (seacrone)
I'm still here!  It's been a long cold winter/spring but looking forward to a warmer summer and seeing clients old and new!  
Catch me on Wednesday, 10/29, on Practical Talk Time (CH 23) for our yearly Halloween show in the Danbury, CT area where I'll be talking with my friend and colleague, Sandy Wroebel and doing mini readings.
During the afternoon of November lst, I will be at Abbottswood Herbal Shop in Wickford doing readings.  
What glorious weather we've been having this Autumn. A couple of Saturdays ago, I took a drive up to Belmont, MA to see the leaves and attend a great workshop at the Boston chapter of NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research) where Robert Hand was lecturing on Jupiter and Saturn. So wonderful to have been able to listen to one of the greatest astrologers on the planet and absorb a bit of his vast knowledge.  And, just this past weekend I was at Wesleyan University to attend a workshop sponsored by the Astrology Society of CT where the witty astrologer and former columnist for Vanity Fair, Michael Lutin spoke on the connection between our brains, the Zodiac and the planets and stars. Fun!

 I have been busy in my new Westerly office and seeing clients in Newport as well. Saturday, May 3, I will be doing readings at Abbottswood Herb Shop in Wickford, RI in the afternoon. Stop by and say hi!

Normally I try to post some thoughts on the monthly New and Full Moons but have been busy with other things, one of which is translating into English (for my personal use) the French Book: 'Le Oracle de la Triade', the companion book to the deck by the same name, by Dominike Duplaa. My Parisian friend Babette shared her deck and book with me and I promptly fell in love with it and several other French decks, including Le Grande Tarot Belline and the Oracle Belline which I have been researching. I was lucky enough to get my hands on my own set of the Oracle de la Triade and the Oracle Belline. So I've been sidetracked. 
Also, while it's been a lot of fun, I'm now doing my radio segment only once a month on the last Monday of each month as time/energy permits. As always, if you are interested in getting an in-depth astrological consultation/card reading from me, please contact me and set up an appt. Wishing you all Springtime Blessings!
Please tune into WBLQ 1230 AM radio on the last Monday of every month for my 'Celestial Forecast' on the Monday Morning Show at 8:40 am and streaming live on
 On October 30th, don't forget to tune/call in to Practical Talk Time, CH 23, in the Danbury, CT area and catch the annual Halloween Show. My host/colleague Sandy Wroebel and I will be talking about Samhain, Eclipses, and I'll be doing mini on-air readings

Candlemas/Imbolc February 2013

I am delighted to announce that the Universe has presented an opportunity for me to create sacred space in my new studio/office very close to home, right over the border from CT.  It is located in the lovely River Terrace Bldg. at 58 High St. in Westerly, RI which is up the street from Maize & Manna, Nature's Wisdom, downstairs from The Divine Touch and across the hall from 1230 WBLQ. See you soon!


I have closed my Wickford office, but will continue to see clients at my home on the lovely CT shoreline. So....come, rest and relax by the sea while gaining added insight into your chart.


If you live in the Danbury, CT area, plz. check out 'Practical Talk Time' tonite at 9:30 on CH 23, where along with my host, friend and colleague, Sandy Wroebel, I'll be talking about Beltane.

Whether entering into heiros gamos/sacred marriage or like Gary & I, renewing vows..."One needs to enter into it fully and tend its soul, whatever kind and in whatever direction it leads, even thru darkness. Marriage is by nature miraculous and magical. We do not understand it fully nor always know where it is headed, but it is more important to care for its soul and honor its mystery rather that try to outwit its intentions for what we, with our small minds may think is a better outcome.

Today we call upon God/Goddess and the essence of their Feminine and Masculine spirit to bless this day of
Fertility, Love and Unity. We thank you for your miraculous blessings and healing presence in our marriage, teaching Patience & Forgiveness, to Love "What Is", and for your creative essence within and without. May your blessings continue to permeate our Lives/Union during the coming seasons/years. ~~Always, Debi & Gary

Here, Everyday Life &
Conscious Aging Is Celebrated & Shared

(With Occasional, Outrageous and Insightful Crone-Tri-Butions)

The "Kalanemi" or Rim of the Great Star Wheel of Time at the edge of the universe was thought to embody the spirit of the zodiac. In Ancient Times, one had to study the Kalanemi in order to learn "kalends", the chronological order of the seasons and festivals as the great star wheel turned. They were the New Moon Sabbaths of ancient Latinium. The lunar calendar was used in Saxon England where the month of May was known as "SproutKale", the sprouting time of Virgin Mother earth with her archaic name of Kale, Kelle, or Kali. "Nemi" in Greco Roman culture meant Moon-grove and the ancient astrologers viewed the zodiac/star wheel as the sacred Moon grove thru which She traveled. 
Here, you will find that the "everyday" and every crone/cronie's story is important. All are invited to join in as we too change, and celebrate during our personal journey around the Star Wheel of the ancient Moon-grove.

A Woman's journey from Birth, throughout her Maiden and Motherhood years, winding its way through many Lunar Phases and Progressions towards Cronedom can be a journey of empowerment for the woman who challenges stereotypes and chooses to embrace her personal uniqueness as it unfolds.  No one who has lived long enough to experience their Uranus Opposition (when transiting Uranus opposes it's natal position) is exempt from experiencing mid-life transits.  However, all can benefit from greeting such life transitions as a cosmic opportunity to begin to balance the left and right (male/female) side of our brains, which in turn helps us to begin to understand and heal ourselves, one another, our relationships and our communities. 

Sometimes We 4Get What's in Our Own Backyards!

The Saturn ruled Full Moon and the 4th of July seemed to be the time to let everyone know that I have decided in my old(er) age (I turned 57 on 6/23) to become more frugal. Fuel prices, and the drive to Wickford started to seem tedious especially in the winter. It just makes sense to cut back on the overhead and work more from home and close my Wickford office. I am enjoying redecoratin' our old farmhouse and replanting gardens. So far, in addition to my home office, I have created a wonderful outdoor altar and sacred space on the back patio as well as on the front porch for clients. Goddess statue which stood outside my office door for years is now standing by my front door here at home to greet clients, old and new.

Now that our children are grown, Gary and I are ready for the next chapter of our lives, and after living here for nearly 21 years we are finally beginning to put some of the dreams of what we wanted to do with this house/property into effect. It feels wonderfully peaceful to just "be", and I am content as it all unfolds.

Blessings of Freedom to All!

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012
Life is Good!
The years go whipping by.....or maybe it just seems that way when you're getting older.... Time to whip the gardens back into shape once more, but right now the wind is gently blowing thru the trees and I'm enjoying the warmth of the sun as it sinks into these old(er) bones with it's healing energy. Another Spring/Summer upon us and another child getting ready to leave the nest.  Our baby girl, who's a lovely young lady now is getting excited over her upcoming Sr. Prom, graduation and college in the fall.  Hard to believe our youngest is now 18!  

My husband is recuperating nicely from hip replacement surgery and is back at work. It was a healing time for us as a couple while he was home for 2 months post op.  Life's currents have a way of drifting couples apart and we've worked hard at re-kindling our marriage. However, there's something to be said for Old Love after 30 yrs, and it's deep, deep roots. 
 Astrologically, Gary's Saturn is conjunct my Venus which acts like cosmic glue in keeping a couple 2gether thru thick and thin. We have Vertex/Juno contacts as well.  Hmmm....I'm thinking it's timely to go dig out our synastric chart and write about the aspects therein. Synastry looks at a relationship thru lining up a couple's respective natal charts and seeing the planetary aspects formed from chart to chart. A Composite chart for a couple are the midpoints of each planetary pair and Angles of MC, IC, ASC and DSC. 
Also, altho those of you who know me personally tease me about looking a bit older than my photo above which is circa late 80's I plan on keeping this one, but will also add something more current lol! Speaking of photos, we took some fun pics at the Connecticut Astrological Society meeting this month. Eric Meyers was our guest speaker and spoke on Spiritual Evolutionary Astrology. Eric is a Transpersonal Psychologist and says old truths in a new way. His book Between Past & Present Presence/A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun, brings the age-old dance of these old lovers to life again with fresh thought and fresh perspective. Dancing and Honesty always works for Gary and me...Happy Beltane May 1st!
Back soon!  Debi


In Earlier Days

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Altho I still maintain my office in Wickford, life has been so busy that I just haven't had time to post. In addition to seeing clients I have been working for a contractor that designs, builds & installs scientific labs. Great job and a nice balance.
Lots of news to share. Hopefully I find enuf time to write about it!  In the meantime....stop by the shop Tuesdays, Thursdays, or week-ends, or give me a call.  I always make time for my clients.
~ Blessings, Debi
5:49 pm pdt

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Greetings from The Reading Room
Thank you to all my clients (new and old) who have helped make my new office venture a success.  It has been a prosperous spring and I'm loving working out of my new space.  What's really wonderful about all this is that The Herb Wyfe and Earth and Ocean are all adjoining offices and the supporting comraderie amongst all of us as practitioners is very uplifting. If you haven't "checked us out" yet, please do so your next visit to Wickford. 
I have been so busy working between home, Mystic and Rhode Island, that I just don't have time anymore to post New Moon interp as I am busily serving my clients.  However, I will continue to check in once in a while to say hello to my readers, and of course I will post classes or other new info I think may be of interest.  Have a great summer, and do stop by for a cup of tea and some added insight into your chart!  ~ Blessings, Debi
9:42 am pdt

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Come and Visit "Hazel" the Scarecrow at The Herb Wyfe
This has been a busy autumn with quite a few fun highlights.  Earlier in the month, a group of us from the Ocean State Herbal Association met up with our buddy Tom at The Herb Wyfe, who took us mushroom hunting and then we were treated to some wonderful cooking/hospitality at his home where he prepared some of the mushrooms ("Hen of the Woods") that were picked.  What a wonderfully informative and fun day with good friends and fellow herbalists.  Thanks, Tom & Laurie!
Wickford also recently hosted a Ladie's Nite open house with area stores staying open late and serving refreshments. We did min-readings with part of the proceeds being donated to help support awareness of Women's Domestic Violence.
And most recently,  Lesley and I were busy at our booth at an Women's Expo at Amalfi's rest. in Naragansett (sponsored by South County Hospital) last week-end when we got the news that The Herb Wyfe won lst place for "Most Creative" for "Hazel" our resident "scarecrone".  All of downtown Wickford participated and it is worth a visit to check out all of the great scarecrows that the shop owners put together.  I hope to get a picture of Hazel uploaded to my website soon.
The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th found me busy making & consecrating gris-gris bags for prosperity as gifts for my friends/colleagues.  It feels good to come together in a supportive way during these uncertain economic times.  God/dess is good though, as I'm staying quite busy with clients.
This Scorpio New Moon is ruled by Mars and Pluto which can make this particular New Moon phase a passionate time to hook up with loved ones on an intense level.  However, remember that the Scorpio Moon sometimes has a suspicious and secretive nature.  People can become aggressive, critical and moody during this moon.  Try not to take offense as there can be heightened sensitivity to what can be erroneously perceived as personal offenses and insults. Remember to forgive and forget as Samhain approaches. Although the Moon will be in Sag on Halloween, I trust a lot of costumes will have been made while the moon was still in Scorpio. Can't wait to see them.  I'll be reading at Serendipity in Westerly, RI. ~  Happy Celtic New Year to all you "Scarecrones" out there!  ~  Debi 
11:13 pm pdt

Monday, October 13, 2008

Salem, MA during a Pisces GIbbous Moon (10/11)
What a magnificently glorious week-end.  The weather and leaves couldn't have been more beautiful.  Initially we were headed up to Mt. Equinox in Vermont and somehow got the sudden inspiration to go to Salem, Mass instead.  So glad we did as I had never been there and it was an experience to be remembered always.  The Peabody Museum was very interesting with many informative displays which my husband and I managed to trip the alarm on about 3 of them.  Don't touch. Don't get too know the drill. We were like little kids having to keep our hands behind our backs and watch where we were stepping.  The shops were kewl, the food (especially Fuel - a little coffee shop with out of this world wraps) and the House of Seven Gables were great.  To top it all off, we stopped by Laurie Cabot's shop, The Cat, The Crow & The Crown and got to meet the High Priestess Herself. She's an incredibly brilliant woman and I truly respect all the work she has done to empower/protect women/witches everywhere.  
Teacher/Author Raven Grimassi was in town doing a lecture on Stregheria that evening at the shop.  Wished we could have stayed for it, but it would have gotten us home too late for the "kids" and dogs.  Sigh....Anyways, I'm enjoying the gorgeous candles I brought home (made by Laurie Cabot) and must go now to finish reading her book: 'Witches in Everywoman'. 
Enjoy the full Aries moon Tuesday.  This is a Mars ruled moon with a nice trine between Neptune and the Sun helping to soften things a bit by adding a little compassionate understanding to any heated arguments/relationship blowups due to me, me, me versus us themes. Impatience may abound, so please think before speaking and look before plowing carelessly forward.  
Blessings & Good nite! ~  seacrone
8:47 pm pdt

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Full Pisces Moon - (22Pisces54 at 5:13 am on 9/15)
How did you like the fabulous Harvest Moon last night? My husband and I took a walk down Barn Island and left the flashlight home. Having just celebrated our 26th anniversary on 9/11, we try and carve out some alone time each day.  It was breathtaking, looking out at the ocean while watching one of the resident Great Blue Herons fly by, silhouetted by the moon.  
Full Moon was near the degree (23Pisces29)of the star *Markab*, the most prominant star in the shoulder of the constellation Pegasus. *Markab* is an Arabic word meaning something that can be ridden on, like a saddle or ship. It is felt that this star is influenced by Mars/Mercury, as is *Scheat* (29Pieces22) in the leg of Pegasus, and *Algenib* (09Aries07), found in one of his wings. Along with *Alpheratz* (Andromeda's head) they create the "Great Square of Pegasus" where "Scheat" forms an "upper spout" and *Algenib* forms the "rear spout" that can pour out disasters like shipwreck, flooding, onto Andromeda's head. No doubt those in the areas hit by hurricane Ike can relate.
To read more about Winged Pegasus (who was born of Medusa and Neptune when Perseus threw the Medusa Head into the sea to rescue the chained maiden Andromeda) and how bold Bellorophon was thrown when an insect (sent by angry Jupiter) stung Pegasus, please visit D. Houlding's site here:
Well, things here are busy as usual.  After a hectic summer, life returns to a more regular schedule. Summer found me busy in the gardens getting ready for my son's high school graduation/party and my daughter's graduation from 8th grade. It was wonderful to have the family together to celebrate.
Presently, my son started his classes for his Electrician's certificate tonight and my youngest daughter is adjusting well to being a high school freshman. It's always nice, come fall to have the house to myself  for part of the day.
There's still a lot of sailing weather left, and that's just what we've been doing.  A couple of week-ends ago we headed up to Newport and took a sunset sail on the nearly 80 foot Adirondack which dwarfs our own, little, but sea-worthy sailboat.  Nice boat, lovely sunset, but we wondered why the captain seemed to be oblivious to sailing over other people's moorings (which can cut their lines).  Of course, never known for a lack of words, I commented that if he'd pulled that *Scheat* "up home" where the lobstermen's lines/pots were, they prob'ly would have thought about using him for bait.  I don't think he heard me tho, as everyone was busily pointing out the Bouvier's estate (the late Jackie Kennedy's childhood home) including her "play house" which is as nice as some people's homes. her parents were never ordered by their local P&Z commission to take down the kid's playhouse like they made a family do here in town a while back. 
By the way, the Astrological Society of Connecticut's monthly meetings start back up Thursday, September 18 at 7 pm at the Keeney Center in Old Wethersfield.  The lecture is going to be on Sun/Pluto aspects. We always have a roster full of great speakers, so if you are in the area please come join us.  ~   As ever, Seacrone
8:26 pm pdt

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gemini New Moon
After weeks of working in the gardens I've finally come up for air and realized it was about time I posted!  In addition to seeing clients, the last few months have been a whirlwind. I have a daughter graduating from 8th grade and a son from High School this month which means the end of school year activities have been at an all time high between Jazz Band, Dance recitals, Chorus, Concerts, and helping to make sure they get their assignments done in time, etc. I've also been busy with the Astrological Society of CT as a newly elected board member.
We're resurrecting several old gardens that became overgrown while I was preoccupied with raising my teenagers.  There was a time when they adored planting and working in those gardens with us, but their little feet and hands have grown and they are planting "gardens" in their own lives now. It's a pleasure to see them start to come into their fullness.  As my husband and I watched Jesse (dashing in his tux), and his girlfirend (stunning in her gown) take off to the Sr. prom last Friday,  I realize our son has become a man. And.... when did our daughter, our baby, suddenly become a young woman?  It feels good, yet bittersweet at the same time.  They'll return to these old gardens with their own children someday.
The Gemini New Moon falls in my 4th house of home conjunct my Venus (in Gemini), which makes this a great time to beautify the home & gardens while enjoying some loving communication with my family. It's also a good time (while allowing time for revision due to Mercury retrograde) for writing and sending out the invitations for the Summer Solstice/Graduation party we're busy planning for later in the month. Mercury goes direct June 20th.
The late Dane Rudhyar saw the degree of this Gemini Moon as a symbol for: "Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two people communicate telepathically."  Key:  The capability to transcend the limitations of bodily existence. It is a technique of transcendence.   Have a Peaceful Summer.
~ Debi
2:42 pm pdt

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I had almost forgotten about last night's Lunar Eclipse until my youngest daughter and her girlfriends in noticing that the Full Moon was getting dark, came inside from playing "man-hunt" and were all lined up on the bedroom stairs vying for a view of it out a small window where at some point, it always pours it's light in every month. 
Whoever built this old house must have loved the moon as it seems they knew just where to place this special portal to the sky. It's especially beautiful this time of the year when the bare tree branches are silhouetted against it's light.
Last night's Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (at 10:32 pm) was at 1VIRGO53.  One of the ancient symbols for this degree indicates "A large white cross that dominates the landscape; the wisdom and compassion which only the experience of suffering and isolation can bring."  Dane Rudhyar felt that this meant some sort of "liberating ordeal...when the mind itself must be left order that compassion and understanding may arise".
A symbol for the Sun which was at (1PISCES53')during the eclipse: "A squirrel hiding from hunters; the individual's need to both ensure his future subsistance and to protect himself from aggressive social elements."
Rudhyar felt that "social processes always cast strong shadows" and that the competition, social aggression and greed of man indicates the "ever present need for self protection and caution".
However, we need not allow ourselves to be held back...but rather can explore if we are holding onto any lingering fears/limiting beliefs, and choose to let them go ......(For more, please see the Current Lunation Page) ~   Debi
10:34 am pst

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yesterday was the funeral of my 87 yr. old mother-in-law, Julia who passed away on December 18th in Hospice. It was a difficult and painful process over the last couple of months watching her decline and slip away. My husband, myself and the rest of our family are very sad and a bit numb right now.
While it will be a quiet Christmas for us, and especially, I'm sure for Howie, (Julia's husband of 58 years and my husband's step-dad), I'm still wishing you all a Warm and Happy Winter Solstice and New Year!  Take good care of each other and yourselves as well.
I'll be updating my website as time permits.  ~ Blessings, Debi
10:17 pm pst

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Back!
After a roller-coaster summer of a teen-filled house, sailing, swimming, & dancing, they're back at school and I'm again, busy with clients. To set up a time for your private reading, do try to call/drop by The Herb Wyfe or Mystical Elements in the Olde Mistick Village soon!
Next Tuesday (Sept.11th) Gary and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  Here's to you my love, my life:
"Come prima, piu di prima, t'amero
Per la vita, la mia vita ti daro
Sembra un sogno rivederti, accarezzarti
Le tue mani tra le mani stringere ancor
Il mio mondo, tutto il mondo sei per me
E a nessuna voglio bene come a te..
Ogni giorno, ogni istante, dolcemente ti diro
Come prima puo di prima t'amero" *
Always, Debi
And...if you'd like to hear my husband play the piano, (some of the old standards, a little blues and jazz as well as some of his own stuff), he'll be at Restaurante Trieste (in Pawcatuck) Saturday nights during the month of September.
*From the song 'Come Prima' by Allesandro Taccani, Vincenzo Di Paola,
& Mario Panzeri
12:24 pm pdt

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My summer has been very busy, but off and on the last two weeks I've taken time out to enjoy some serious quality time with my husband and family.  After several days of sailing my head, eyes and ears are still full of the Sun, surf, stars, and of course, the Moon (this Full  Moon falls on my Ascendant).
If I don't post as often it's simply because I'm off doing other things and busy with clients!  In addition to the Saturdays I'm at The Studio (at The Herb Wyfe) in Wickford, R.I., I am also now at Mystical Elements in the Olde Mistick Village every other Thursday afternoon.  If you're in town, do make sure and stop by!  Happy Full Moon!  ~  Debi
8:56 pm pdt

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Open Minds, Open Hearts
The New Moon in Gemini falls in my natal 4th house conjunct my natal Mercury/South Node mid-point (opposite transiting Pluto). Yesterday I resurrected our old Volvo 240DL from the "lower 40", gave it a good bath and today sent it on it's way (with lots of fond memories) to a new owner (whose ASC is within orb of the New Moon). Pretty good analogy for these kind of astrological aspects.
Transiting Neptune (in Aquarius) trine this New Moon encourages us to listen more to Spirit and our inner knowing/intuition by helping us to get out of our heads and more into our hearts. With Mars sextile the Sun & Moon and the New Moon trine my natal Neptune (with the mid-point falling on my natal Moon/Pluto conjunction), that's just what I'm doing having started an intense series of yoga/meditation sessions with my instructor, Rosa Puerillo. Some of my muscles may feel a bit like dried out rubber bands that are gradually being pried/loosened up, but  I'm also feeling a sense of greater energy & clarity.
Mercury goes retrograde (in Cancer) on Friday, June 15th at 7:33 pm EDT, so get your New Moon projects off the ground tonite. Speaking of projects, I've got several irons in the fire which leaves me little time to post, so those of you who want to see me over the summer, please make sure to call soon so I can set some time aside just for you!
Have a great Father's Day Guys!  ~  Shanti, Debi
7:56 pm pdt

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soaking up the Sun
Whirlwind, busy bee days, planning, planting, walking, working. The Memorial Day week-end sale at The Herb Wyfe was a success. People were pleasantly surprised we were open and even happier when they discovered everything was 30% off!
Although I usually walk at Barn Island, today I had the great pleasure of taking a walk/picnic with my dear friend and Yoga instructor, Rosa in the Connecticut College Arboretum.  Once you go through the gates onto the path there is an immediate feeling of peace and sanctuary in the cool shade of the trees. I left feeling relaxed and inspired with a renewed sense of appreciation for living in an area that still has a few precious green spots left in nature such as Harkness Park, Barn Island and the magical Arboretum. Sometimes we take for granted what is in our own backyards. 
This Full Moon I'm reminiscing about growing up in Maine, catching fire-flies in our backyard, picking wild strawberries at the lake and going fishing/skinny-dipping on humid nights with friends by the light of the moon and how when anyone happened by we'd dive under and hold our breath until they were gone... 
Remember the old saying "Once in a Blue Moon"? Since this Full Moon in Sag is indeed also a Blue Moon, full of fire, optimism and restless high enthusiasm, here's a chance to get moving and do something bold/different.  Me? Once the weather stays hotter, those fireflies should be out again.....As ever, Debi
8:36 pm pdt

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bringing Home the Gold
I try not to brag about my kids, but what Mother can resist? Besides, it's nearly Mother's Day. Just as the Sun warms up the ground and plants begin to blossom, so are my two youngest starting to come into their fullness. As parents we may sometimes pass through the foggy, rocky shore of the stormy teen-age years, perhaps fearing that we are surely ship-wrecked. Then one day you suddenly look up, notice clear sky, and realize not only have you all survived, but that your teens are actually growing up and maturing into fine young adults. 
"We wondered where our God was in the face of so much pain
And I looked up to the stars above to find You once again
The moonlight it was dancing on the waves, out on the sea
The stars of heaven hovered in a shimmering galaxy
And a voice from down the ages so haunting in its song
The ancient stones will tell us Our Love must make us strong"
(From Loreena McKennit's song: 'Beneath a Phrygian Sky')
Our youngest daughter who loves music (and loves to dance) plays trombone with the Mystic Middle School Jazz Band and every Spring they are busy competing with other area schools. Last week they brought home the gold from Bacon Academy in Colchester, two golds (one for best rhythm section, one for best trumpet section) from Waterford High and tonight their annual Spring concert at MMS was incredible.  Her brother, who is also very musical, played drums for the same Jazz band when he was at MMS. He was awesome. He's now nearly 17, 6 feet tall, getting his driver's license next week, and making plans for the Jr. prom. He starts his summer job soon and is busily figuring out how much he will have to chip in to pay for his car insurance and cell phone. He plans on attending New Eng. Tech to become an electrician after his Sr. year. He's come a long way, and I'm proud of all the hard work we've done as a family.  Thank you, Heavenly Mother.
Wishing Moms Everywhere a Blessed Mother's Day ~  Debi
11:10 pm pdt

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Digging in the dirt, planting, watering, feeling like a 'woman clothed with the sun'* as it begins to warm up my bones; waltzing barefoot in the grass, listening to the owls at night, and to my "sister's" desert warmed voice as she "caws" me from Arizona to describe to me the sights and sounds of the land around her during her travels in Hopi land...I met Darilyn barely a month ago while listening to the Mystic Horns at Trieste's.  She is 60, petite with short white hair and reminds me of Peter Pan. We ended up lost in time, dancing (think 'Happy Feet'), spinning, laughing, connecting in a magical way.When we finally sat down to talk she shared that she had just recovered/healed from Cancer and was now choosing to live life to the fullest. She, like my husband, is a MSW (Social Worker) and is a Neurolinguistic practitioner who is trained in crisis intervention and trauma work. She is also a gifted healer, medium and clairvoyant who has facilitated women's group retreats (Journey with Spirit/Women by the Fire). We immediately recognized we were Kindred Spirits and began planning a workshop together in June (which I will be telling you more about soon).
I resonate deeply and soulfully with Darilyn not only as a woman (especially when we're cackling & laughing together hysterically), but also echo her heart centered message of 'Women in Connection': "By learning to recognize sabotaging internal & external messages, we can release negative sacred spaces within ourselves and replenish these with authentic empowering messages from the depths of our inner wisdom.  The results are often truly amazing, rekindling our spirits with the joy of new beginnings and endless possibilities."  ~ Debi
*'Women Clothed by The Sun' - by Poet Dana Littlepage Smith
This book is about 90 women from the Old and New Testaments, i.e., Mary, Eve, Lot’s wife, Zipporah, Miriam, Judith, Ruth, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Martha, the woman at the well, the wife of Pilate, the women of Jerusalem, and others.
"Smith pulls aside the veil to let each woman speak her mind. What emerges is the female humanity of the women, some caught in appalling circumstances, some freed to new heights of spiritual and physical presence...."This poet has heard the drumming and the songs the scribes could not hear. These women have “practiced pain like a pentateuch.” They have asked themselves “What is this heart you fear breaking?” And they have found answers in action, image, and word." (Louisiana State University Press)
8:56 pm pdt

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Memory of the 33 Students of Virginia Tech
Today I've been feeling a bit stunned, sadly thinking about the students that were gunned down yesterday at Virginia Tech. While listening to the rain and some Neil Young, I felt that, to me, some of the words to his song 'Helpless' echo what some of them may have felt when they realized they were helplessly trapped in their classroom(s):
Baby can you hear me now?
The chains are locked & tied across the door,
Baby, stay with me somehow.
Blue Blue windows behind the Stars
Yellow Moon on the rise
Big Birds flying across the sky
Throwing shadows on our eyes
leaves us helpless, helpless, helpless
In Their Memory: 
A few of the words to Neil Young's: 'There's A World':
We are leaving. We are gone.
Come with us to all alone.
Never worry. Never moan.
We will leave you all alone.
In the mountains, in the cities,
You can see the dream.
Look around you. Has it found you?
Is it what it seems?
There's a world you're living in
No one else has your part
All God's children in the wind.....
"May all their smiles from above light our world here below"
6:15 pm pdt

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday always brings back memories of my mother making Hot Cross Buns.  It was usually a quiet, solemn day, but the house always smelled good with her baking mingled with the scent of lillies and hyacinths. Although I've made them many times, they're still not the same as hers. If you'd like to try your hand at some you can find a great recipe on the "(W)rites and Recipes" page.
Mars moved into Pisces early this a.m which helps to dampen any anger into compassion, but can also have the Warrior Planet feeling vulnerable and a bit out of focus (and character) in response to the outspoken Moon in Sag and  misdirected anger possibly being flung around. In other words, someone may be acting or speaking without thinking of the consequences and inadvertantly catch others in the crossfire. As plans may tend to fluctuate today, instead of allowing temperament and mood to deplete your energy, the Sun in Aries sesquisquare the Moon gives one the choice to remain flexible, adaptable and responsive to others inconsistencies, and to exercise compassion and understanding in helping those that are less fortunate. ~ Wishing All of You a Blessed Easter, Debi
11:38 am pdt

Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Quarter Moon
This afternoon's Cancer Moon square to the Aries Sun gave things a sort of push forward/pull back energy making it hard (after a night of dancing) to drag out of our shells (or beds) this morning and get going out the door in time to catch Mystic's St. Patrick Day's Parade. I'm glad we did as it proved to be a mild and sunny afternoon filled with great marching bands, bagpipes, laughter and old friends. By the time we worked our way down to P&G the Lamb stew was gone, but we settled for Clam chowder and came home and took a nap.  Hey...we were beat! Especially since I went dancing with my husband two nights in a row... in high heels, and backwards!  The Mystic Horns were at Trieste's on Friday night again and it was a special treat to hear Christine Cooney (owner of Puritan & Genesta) sing a few great songs with them. Saturday night we ended up at The Seahorse restaurant in Noank (man, do these guys know how to make a great sirloin steak) and then over at the Mystic Hilton for more dancing. Guess you could say that now that the last two kids are older we're making up for lost time.
Hopefully today's Mars(fire)-Neptune(water) conjunction helped soften any out of control situations with time being spent in introspection thinking about one's own (as well as other's) needs and acting with true compassion. ~ Slainte, Debi
9:03 pm pdt

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beginnings & Endings....
Recently we had to put down our elderly Golden Retriever who had watched over our two youngest children and the household for nearly 15 years. Rosie was the gentlest of dogs, patient and serene and ever present. Our two Poms considered her their "grandmother" and miss her. She was Jesse's dog. I can still remember the day my 2 yr.old (now nearly 17 year old) son picked her out from a litter of the sweetest puppies. She was a Taurus, which makes for one of the greatest tempered pets. One of my most cherished photos is of  Jesse, cherub and tow-headed and his father sitting outside in the grass, the backyard in full bloom, laughing and curled around each other with Rosie as a puppy in their laps. So much has changed over the ensuing years (some stormy, some tranquil). A small boy became a young man, a pup grew up and eventually old. Parents learning to let go of children. Children letting go of parents (Gary's stepdad's back in the hospital). Bittersweet memories.
Our reg. vet was on vacation, so we brought her to our old vet from years ago who always tended our horses and dogs when we lived in Willington. Thanks, Dave for being so understanding and sensitive to my son and husband's pain when they held Rosie during her last few minutes of life. It's going to be tough to go and pick up her ashes in the morning...
Rosie: May your legs and heart be forever strong as you run free through fields of violets and clover. May you think of us sometimes, as we do you when getting up in the middle of the night, we forget you're not there and still step over where you loved to sleep. ~ Peaceful Blessings, Debi
11:41 am pdt

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tonight, the Sun's ingress into Aries catches up with the Waxing Crescent Moon that has been in Aries for a while now. Shortly after midnight the Moon enters Taurus which makes a slow and steady approach to starting new things probably the best idea.  Just take time to finish up old business before firing off into any new directions.
Me? I've thoroughly enjoyed the Sun in Pisces and plan on taking advantage of this last Neptune ruled night spending some time reading and listening to more music - which is about all I feel like doing after cooking/eating Corned Beef and Cabbage on the week-end and Chicken Cacciatore and Zeppoles on Monday. What's one more night of relaxing, when there's a whole month of  Mars ruled Aries energy to draw on!
Neptune rules water, gas, oil, music, poetry, movies etc. and since the Sun is at the *anaretic (last) degree of Pisces today it also might be a good idea to check/stock up on water, fill up the gas/oil tank. ~ Springtime Blessings, Debi
*Can't get enough, too much or too little of something.
2:13 pm pdt

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some Things Just Get Better with Time
After a great meal at Trieste's with a little swing music by The Mystic Horns on Friday night...a few Lemoncellos and a little ballroom dancing at the Mystic Hilton on Saturday...then my husband reminding me for the rest of the night why I married him it's safe to say I had a great week-end!  And you?
To put you and yours in the mood try listening to Patrizio Buanne's album "The Italian", or better yet go see him live at P.P.A.C. in April. Me?  Honey, I married my Italiano a loonng time ago!  Springtime Blessings ~ Debi
To Gary, my love, my husband - il miu mondo:
Parla piu piano e nessuno sentira
il nostro amore lo viviamo io e te,
nessuno sa la verita,
neppure il cielo che ci guarda da lassu.
Insieme a te io restero,
amore mio, sempre cosi.
Parla piu piano e vieni piu vicino a me,
Voglio sentire gli occhi miei dentro di te,
nessuno sa la verita,
e un grande amore e mai piu grande esistera
Solu Tu,
Debi mi Siciliano Suocera (mother-in-law): Grazie!
4:53 pm pdt

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Gipsy Kings - (spelled with an "i")
Well, you know you're really getting over the hill when you go to a concert and act like a teen-ager, screaming, yelling, dancing, jumping up and down and then because of strained vocal chords, and lame legs can hardly move, speak or bite down hard on anything for a week! was so worth it!  As our gift to each other for Valentine's, my husband and I treated each other to tickets (yes, at the Providence Performing Arts Center) on Feb. 18th to see The Gipsy Kings and I'm still singing and dancing to the memory of it in my head...For those of you who don't know who these guys are they sing in a gypsy dialect called gitane (a mix of Spanish and provincial French) and they are HOT! And young, they're NOT!  Ha! Which just goes to show ya that age is irrelative....It was so refreshing to see young and old alike thoroughly enjoying this group's sound. 
What's this got to do with astrology?  Oh, probably lots if one was to take a look at the grand trine to my chart that night involving tSun, nMercury and nNeptune. Also, my natal 4th house Venus is within a two degree conjunction to the 11th degree of Gemini which The La Volasfera regards as "A group of gipsies, seated round a cauldron in which food is preparing." Oh...did I also mention I love these guys?
Speaking of taking a look at transits to one's chart, if you'd like to see what's up with yours, e-mail me, give me a call or stop by The Herb Wyfe in Wickford, RI on March 3, April 7th or 21st from 12-5 p.m. ~ Blessings, Debi (seacrone)
3:39 pm pst

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